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Greetings from Hal Pitt

Founder and CEO

Glad you found us. If you're looking for management training or need help improving productivity, morale, or energizing your workforce, look no further. For nine years we have provided organizations and teams with quality workshops to help transform their leadership, business systems, and cultures. Our comprehensive and dynamic seminars integrate the most current research with practical strategies to help you solve critical issues your organization is facing. 

BungieOur goal is to give your leadership and associates the tools they need to sustain organizational growth and change.  The style of training is dynamic, high-energy and content-driven. Our client promise? Custom workshops for your business that will bring the change you desire.

We know what you're looking for:

Training that will keep you engaged while providing lasting benefit.

It's All About Collaboration

Many seminar companies offer pre-packaged workshops.  Hal Pitt Seminars doesn't work that way.  We spend time on the phone with you and together we pick the topics that will best meet your needs.  We tailor the workshop specifically for you.  If you're looking for specific leadership or communication training, we can put one together for you.  Or if you'd like a management seminar with elements of team building and stress management, we can do that too.  The skies the limit. 

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