Why You Need Our Training

Take the Test and Find Out


Below are 10 questions. Discover if your business and/or team is doing what the best organizations and teams in the world are doing. Answer yes or no to each question:

  1. We have a system of standards and values (job descriptions, performance standards, mission, vision, core values, policy handbook) that give associates clear expectations concerning performance and behavior? Yes No
  2. We consistently enforce our system of standards and values? Yes No
  3. We hold each other accountable for sustaining standards, values, and goals. Yes No
  4. We have a culture that stresses teamwork? Yes No
  5. We consistently encourage and support each other? Yes No
  6. Management at every level is skilled at motivating, energizing, and inspiring thier associates? Yes No
  7. We deal with poor performance and behavior in a timely and professional manner through a clear disciplinary process? Yes No
  8. We are focused on and obsessed with exceptional results? Yes No
  9. Associates are happy with pay, benefits, and overall incentive/rewards systems of the organization? Yes No
  10. My organization shows an interest in the well-being of its associates by offering growth opportunites and challenges through coaching and training? Yes No


Rating Scare:
9-10 Yes: You work in a great company
8 Yes: You work in good company
7 Yes: You work in an average company
6 Yes: You work in a mediocre company
5 or below: Your leadership and management needs help and fast


How does your organization and/or team rate with what the best organizations and teams in the world are doing well? 

If you rated your organization or leadership team high, that's great. Hal Pitt Seminars offers high quality training to help you maintain that high level of performance and professional behavior.

If you rated your organization or leadership team low, we are here to help. Hal Pitt Seminars offers exceptional in-house training to meet your every need.

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